‘Gutfeld!’ Finds a Way to Blame Taylor Swift for All the World’s Problems in His ‘Favorite Segment of All Time’ | Video

The segment was titled, “Can We Please Never Stop Talking About Taylor Swift?”

The roundtable on Fox News’ satiric current events series “Gutfeld!” found ways to blame Taylor Swift for issues going on around the world in his satirical segment, “Can We Please Never Stop Talking About Taylor Swift?”

Taylor Swift has become the talk of the town, the nation, the world so much so that talk shows are dedicating recurring segments to the singer. On the latest episode of “Gutfeld!” the host and his panelists gathered news stories and found ways to somehow tie them to Swift in a comedic way.

“For tabloid fodder she’s a keeper, but what if Taylor’s stories went much deeper. Welcome to part one of our 56-part series,” host Greg Gutfeld said opening up the segment.

The first story was about Toyota sending out a “do not drive” advisory for 50,000 car owners, due to a dangerous air bag issue. A member of the panel quipped that it was caused by the owner failing to download Swift’s latest album.

“The only way you can drive safely is by you downloading a Taylor Swift album,” actor and former professional wrestler Tyrus said. “You don’t need electricity, you don’t gotta plug ’em in, just the sweet sounds of her music.”

The baton was eventually passed to radio personality Kennedy, who joked about Taylor Swift being the cause of UPS cutting 12,000 jobs in order to save money.

“It’s because all the people who spent thousands of dollars to see Taylor Swift on her Eras Tour, they could no longer afford Christmas presents to send to their families, so they stopped going to UPS,” Kennedy explained. “And instead of sending those presents, they’ve now sat around for so long these people are starving, they are now eating the Christmas presents that were intended for beloved friends and family members — who incidentally, yes, UPS is saving a billion dollars. How much did Taylor Swift make from her Eras Tour? $1 billion.”

By the end of the segment, Gutfeld referred to the game as his “favorite segment of all time.”

“I’m not kidding either,” Gutfeld said as the segment came to an end. The talk show airs on Fox News Channel weeknights at 10 p.m. EST/7 p.m. PST.


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