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Gwyneth Paltrow, Emily Blunt, Lakeith Stanfield and More Celebs Read Very Personal Texts From Their Moms (Video)

”Happy Worst Mother’s Day Ever“ from Jimmy Kimmel

Before the pandemic forced late-night shows — and pretty much every other TV show, for that matter — to pack up and go home, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” managed to prep a special Mother’s Day treat for viewers by asking celebs to read real text messages from their mothers when stopping by as guests.

The finished compilation was presented by Jimmy Kimmel during his latest quarantine edition of the ABC late-night show on Thursday. In the video, which Jimmy is giving you as a gift for the “Worst Mother’s Day Ever,” Gwyneth Paltrow, Will Arnett, Lakeith Stanfield, Elle Fanning, January Jones, Ben Schwartz, Don Lemon, Renee Zellweger, Emily Blunt and Aidy Bryant all share messages from their mothers.

Watch the full clip above and read some highlights below:

Gwyneth Paltrow’s mom wants to go for a dip — or maybe she doesn’t:

“Can I come swim? My pool is 72 brrr. Don’t have to eat. I have plenty. Actually, going for a walk. Maybe tomorrow. No, fine. I changed my mind. Didn’t want to get wet.”

Lakeith’s mom wants to make sure he’s eating:

Lakeith’s mom:My home girl selling burritos let me know if you want one”

Lakeith: “Lmao wtf. Hell nah! She makin them bitches on the fLO!!!!?”

A warning from Elle Fanning’s mom:

“Just a reminder, don’t ever ever ever dive into a swimming pool period or into an ocean or lake ever ever. No matter what!!! You cannot rely on someone saying it’s safe or thinking that it’s deep enough. Oceans have sand bars that look deep, but really are up to your ankle. Just go in at steps or scoot in on your bottom gently. Even jumping feet first is dangerous too, unless you ball up tightly. You can jam our legs and do the same damage if you don’t ball up when jumping. Avoid Both. You’re TALL and you can NOT risk it all! Never! No matter what. Love you”

Emily Blunt’s mother had a rough day:

“Dearest boop. Interesting day here. Was wielding a handheld small vacuum on the stairs yesterday. Missed my footing, fell backwards, vacuum whirled up and crash onto my arm and then onto the whole floor. I executed some sort of swivel halfway down the stairs and nearly followed it nose first but managed to clutch the bannisters. Thought my arm was broken but just badly bruised. Phew. I finished the day with a lovely Thai meal with Seb.”