H-2-Whoa! Coke’s Out, Vitaminwater Zero Is in at ‘Idol’ (For Now)

Spoiler alert! America’s most famous product placement is in for a temporary change

Last Updated: February 10, 2010 @ 12:04 PM

Huge changes on "American Idol": Coke’s out! Vitaminwater Zero is in!

Well, not quite. Eagle-eyed "Idol" watchers on the East Coast (or those who have access to East Coast feeds) are already Tweeting that the signature Coke glasses normally seen on the judges’ tables have been replaced. In their stead: Refreshing bottles of Vitaminwater Zero, the new naturally sweetened agua product.

No, Coke and Idol aren’t splitsville. Indeed, Coca-Cola actually owns Vitaminwater — so it’s just a corporate sibling taking over the product placement spotlight.

What’s more, industry insiders tell TheWrap that Vitaminwater Zero is just vacationing on the "Idol" judges’ table. Once Hollywood Week wraps up later this month — specifically, on Feb. 23 — good old Coke will be back on the show.

In the meantime, Coke is going all out in its effort to use "Idol" to launch Vitaminwater Zero. New judge Ellen DeGeneres dropped the V-water name on her syndicated talk show Tuesday, and her website is currently offering viewers a chance to win a river’s worth of the stuff.

Suddenly, we’re very, very thirsty.