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Hal Douglas, Legendary Movie Trailer Voiceover Artist, Dead at 89

The baritone, famous for his “In a world…” opener, died of pancreatic cancer

Hal Douglas, whose booming voice was known to generations of moviegoers and TV watchers, has died at 89.

Douglas’ daughter Sarah told The New York Times¬†that the Connecticut native with the famous baritone died of pancreatic cancer last week.

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Douglas’ craggy, ominous narration, which brought promises of brand new worlds and mayhem in our own, introduced films both epic and Oscar-worthy, with a list of credits that range from “Philadelphia” to “Con-Air” and everything in between.

He even spoofed himself, with a starring role in the trailer for the Jerry Seinfeld documentary, “Comedian,” in 2002. His famous catchphrase — or one variation of it, anyway — was also the inspiration for the title of Lake Bell‘s 2013 comedy about the voiceover industry, “In a World,” in which she played the daughter of a legend in the niche industry trying to make it on her own. Ken Marino played a young voiceover actor whose deep voice certainly owes a debt to Douglas.

Douglas was one of three major trailer voiceover artists, along with the late Don LaFontaine and Don Morrow. Douglas was featured in a short documentary about his life and craft, “A Great Voice,” last year.