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Halle Berry And Jimmy Fallon Roll Around Together on ‘The Tonight Show’ (Video)

Fallon promises not to look up ”Extant“ star’s dress as they form a human hamster wheel, prompting her to shout, ”Why aren’t you looking?“

Fallon loves to do silly things with his guests on “The Tonight Show. They’re usually game, but he might want to take wardrobe into consideration in the future. That said, wearing a skin-tight dress didn’t seem to slow Halle Berry down at all when it came time to form a human hamster wheel with Fallon and roll across the studio.

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Fallon got down on his back and she stood over him so they could grab one another’s ankles. With his eyes firmly closed, he promised repeatedly and emphatically that he would not look up her dress.

“Why aren’t you looking?” she shouted at him.

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And then they launched into a well-executed series of tandem forward rolls … especially when you consider that Fallon’s eyes were purportedly shut the entire time.

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