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‘Halloween’ Billboard Sabotaged to Show Maxine Waters as Michael Myers

”Michael Myers doesn’t scare me, crazy nutbags like Maxine do,“ conservative street artist Sabo says

It appears that the only thing scarier than Michael Myers for California conservatives is Rep. Maxine Waters.

A giant “Halloween” billboard in West Hollywood has been altered on Friday to show the longtime Democratic representative in the slasher movie’s starring role. The latest work from conservative street artist Sabo shows Waters, mouth agape, wielding a knife, with the tagline #UncivilDemocrats” added for good measure.

“It seems the Democrats don’t want to be civil anymore,” Sabo told TheWrap. “Not that they ever were. Michael Myers doesn’t scare me, crazy nutbags like Maxine do because monsters like her are real.”

Waters drew the ire of Republicans earlier this year, saying there should be “no peace, no sleep” for Trump cabinet members who supported his immigration policies. Waters — who represents several South Los Angeles neighborhoods — said at an LA rally in June to “push back” against cabinet members when they’re out in public.

This wasn’t the first time Sabo has gone after Waters. He created an “impeach Maxine” poster last year after she went after the president. “Important issues,” for Waters, Sabo wrote on his poster, include “blame whitey for everything.”

Sabo, since being kicked off Twitter in April, has been showcasing his anti-liberal artwork on his unsavoryagents.com site. The sabotaged “Halloween” billboard is located along West Pico Boulevard in West Hollywood, if you’re driving by.

“Halloween,” starring Jamie Lee Curtis, opens in theaters on Oct. 19.