‘Halt and Catch Fire’: Will Scoot McNairy’s Geek Inherit the Earth? (Exclusive Video)

“Argo” alum plays a pioneering computer engineer at a personal crossroads in upcoming AMC drama

AMC’s computer drama “Halt and Catch Fire” — about the rise of the 1980s personal-computer era — premieres June 1, and the network has released a new video introducing one of the series’ characters, Gordon Clark (played by “Argo” alum Scoot McNairy).

Judging from the video, Clark is a gifted but overlooked computer engineer in danger of letting his prime slip away from him, when he’s spurred into grabbing for his destiny by the far more confident Joe MacMillan (played by “The Hobbit” veteran Lee Pace).

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Will Clark rise to the occasion and take his rightful place as a computer pioneer? Or will he wallow in self-defeat?

Time will tell, but in the meantime the character video sheds some light on what’s to come.