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Hank Williams Jr. on ‘The View': If I’m in Trouble, We All Are (Video)

After getting bounced from ESPN for his Obama/Hitler comparison, country singer vows he'll be back, for the good of everyone

We are all Hank Williams Jr. At least, according to Hank Williams Jr., we are.

The country-music scion dropped in at "The View" on Tuesday to chat with the gals about his recent troubles. (As you may have heard, ESPN dropped him from their "Monday Night Football" broadcasts, just because he compared the President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler.) Williams encapsulated his situation by retelling an exchange with his offspring.

"My daughter said, 'Daddy are you in trouble?' They're gonna pull that [song],'" the singer recalled. "I said, 'If I am [in trouble], then we all are.'"

But don't worry; as Bocephus sees it, he — and by extension, the rest of us — will be just fine. Declaring "As of May 1 in 2012, ladies and gentleman,” he said with relish, “me and my song will be free agents," the "All My Rowdy Friends" tunesmith reflected, "America is a country of choices, we have choices of options, and we have choices and options."

Sniff; can you feel the breeze from the eagle's wings, as he soars to greater heights?

With that spirit of national possibility in mind, choose to watch Williams make his case in the video below.