Hannibal Buress’ Mic Cut After Jokes About Priests Molesting Kids

Quips were made while performing at a Catholic university

Hannibal Buress
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Comedian Hannibal Buress had his mic cut off minutes into his set at a Catholic university Saturday night after making a joke about the church’s history of child molestation, according to attendees.

Along with Nick Jones, Buress was appearing at Loyola University Chicago’s annual two-night event, Colossus, in which a musical act performs one night and a comedian the other. Buress began his set by sharing an email he received from the university with content restrictions for his act, including the use of foul language and topics regarding rape, sexual assault, race and sexual orientation.

Minutes into his set, the comedian referenced molestation of children, and his microphone was cut off. The crowd booed at first, then quieted so he could be heard without a mic. But the background music volume raised until he stepped off the stage.

Loyola’s Department of Programming (DOP) assistant director, Leslie Watland, told the university’s newspaper, The Loyola Phoenix, “DOP students did not make any day-of decisions for Hannibal Buress’ show. Student Development Administrators made the decisions.”

While off-stage, Buress responded to a tweet from someone in the audience who wondered “wtf” happened. Buress replied, “Weird way to celebrate sweet 16.” He, apparently, was referencing Loyola Ramblers’ win over the Tennessee Volunteers earlier that day. Although Buress’ tweet has been taken down, The Phoenix published a screen grab.

hannibal buress tweet

Disappointed fans voiced their disapproval of Buress’ forced exit by chanting his name at the venue and on Twitter.


According to a member of the audience, when Hannibal returned 15 minutes later to a standing ovation, he said, “B—h a– old people, I can project.”