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Happy 4/20! ‘Fox & Friends’ Identifies 4 Types of Marijuana to Get People ‘Blitzed in a Hurry’ (Video)

Host Brian Kilmeade argues ”skunk,“ ”budder,“ edibles and synthetic marijuana are all ”more dangerous than you’re being led to believe“

“Fox & Friends” celebrated stoner holiday 4/20 by informing their viewers what forms of marijuana can get them “blasted and blitzed in a hurry.”

While the Fox News show was, of course, trying to condemn the drug, cannabis users might have gotten excited at the prospect of the “new form of crossbred marijuana” called “skunk” that Dr. David Murray — former head of the Hudson Institute’s substance abuse policy — explained is “more powerful, more potent” with 20 to 30 percent THC levels.

“That contrasts with the marijuana of the ‘Cheech and Chong’ days, when it was only 3 to 4 percent,” Murray said. “It’s really getting people blasted and blitzed in a hurry … It really gets people loaded.”

Although that sounds like a great sales pitch for smokers rushing out to dispensaries on Monday, host Brian Kilmeade stressed, “This is dangerous — more dangerous than you’re being led to believe. That’s why we’re talking about it. Not to sell it.”

But those viewers who happened to be in the market for pot may have been particularly interested in “budder” — a form of the drug that has “extraordinary” potency levels.”

“People take a single hit from vaporizing this stuff, and they’re completely blitzed,” Murray said. “It’s leading to hallucinations, it’s leading to bizarre behavior, and very much increasing the risk of addiction and getting trapped by this drug.”

If viewers weren’t interested in smoking or vaporizing, Kilmeade introduced them to edibles, which he identified as “possibly the most dangerous,” because they can get users super, duper high.

If viewers were hoping for hallucinations this 4/20, Kilmeade also discussed synthetics.

“It’s like putting Drano on your breakfast cereal,” Murray said. “You don’t know what you’re getting, leading to bizarre behavior of frightened people who are going into hallucinations.”

Smoke, vaporize, and eat pot at your own risk, but please, don’t put Drano on your breakfast cereal.

Watch the video.