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Happy Mother’s Day! Jimmy Kimmel Makes Staffers Read Actual Texts From Their Moms (Video)

Moms are the best — just not when it comes to cell phone etiquette

Moms text the darndest things.

Jimmy Kimmel exploited that fact — and his staff — on Wednesday, when the ABC late-night host asked employees to read some particularly odd text messages they’ve received from their mothers. They turned out to be such mom texts.

The first was to a stand-up comedian named Ben, whose mom wants him to knock it off with the sex jokes — kind of like her favorite, Bill Cosby. Next up was a woman who may or may not have worn a push-up bra in a recent Instagram photo. That inquiry was immediately followed by another mother with a social media question — her’s was about Facebook.

They only got more mom-like from there. The whole thing finished with the below — a perfect example of why you never text your mom a picture of a recent bathing suit purchase:

Watch the video above. We love you, moms.

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