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Harlem Shake Done ‘Twin Peaks’ Style Is as Freaky as You’d Expect (Video)

Former "Twin Peaks" star Kyle MacLachlan Cooper-izes the Harlem Shake dance craze with a few call-backs to David Lynch's twisted classic

The Harlem Shake dance craze has swept the Internet with innumerable videos, and officially made it to the mainest of mainstreams on the 'Today' show.

Now it's been brought into bold (and weird) new territory, courtesy of former "Twin Peaks" star Kyle MacLachlan.

MacLachlan recently took time out from his duties as mayor of "Portlandia" to provide his own take on the viral internet sensation while harking back to the classically creepy David Lynch series "Twin Peaks."

The actor, who played Special Agent Dale Cooper on the series, busts a move while surrounded by a Laura Palmer-ish dead woman wrapped in plastic, a deer's head and a plate of donuts, while sipping what's presumably a damn fine cup of coffee.

Watch MacLachlan rock the Harlem Shake below.