Harvey Levin: That’s Definitely Michael Jackson

The TMZ poobah makes a rare personal appeal to say that ‘Breaking News’ is the real deal

Harvey Levin, the take-no-prisoners chief of TMZ, feels so strongly that the new Michael Jackson song "Breaking News" is real that he took to his celebrity gossip site to personally make the case.

"Hey, it's Harvey," Levin writes in the Sunday post. "We usually don't write first person on TMZ, but I gotta tell you what I just heard."

He goes on to describe the song, saying it's full of trademark Jackson touches.

"I'm not a music expert, but I am a Michael Jackson music fan … and it's definitely Michael Jackson."

Speculation flourished over the weekend — most of it on TMZ, come to think of it — that the song was done by a sound-alike. Even Jackson's sister LaToya told the site that "it doesn't sound like Michael."

But don't think for a second that Harvey and/or TMZ don't stand to gain from taking the side of Sony and the Jackson estate.

"We're told we might be able to post a copy of  'Breaking News' on TMZ as soon as late tonight," Levin writes.

Stay tuned.