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Harvey Weinstein Challenges Termination From His Company, Court Filing Says

Weinstein is demanding that The Weinstein Company hand over his personnel and employment records

Harvey Weinstein is challenging his termination from The Weinstein Company, according to court papers obtained by TheWrap.

In papers filed in Delaware Chancery Court on Wednesday, The Weinstein Company said that Weinstein “has sued the Company in a confidential arbitration challenging his termination.”

In a lawsuit filed last week, Weinstein demanded that the company he co-founded with brother Bob Weinstein hand over personnel and employment records. TWC is fighting the request, saying Weinstein is suing for the records for “an improper, personal purpose.”

Weinstein argues that he is in a “unique position to offer insight, and further explain and contextualize his emails.” The scandal-plagued film mogul further contends that by accessing records, “he can more efficiently assist the Company in its investigation of these issues and defense of the NY AG investigation and any other claims asserted against the Company.” Those “other claims” just might involve the sexual misconduct and harassment accusations that have been made against Weinstein by dozens of women in reports published by several media outlets including The New York Times and The New Yorker.

TWC says it does not need Weinstein’s assistance.

The Weinstein Company’s filing also defends Harvey’s brother, Bob Weinstein, stating, “To be clear, not a single woman has accused Robert Weinstein of sexual assault or rape — let alone of decades of predatory sexual behavior … [Harvey] Weinstein’s suggestion that ‘similar’ allegations have been levied against both men is simply false and reveals the true, personal motivation behind the Demand.”

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.