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Harvey Weinstein Gets Restraining Order Against Accused Stalker

Homeless man who allegedly threatened to shoot movie executive Harvey Weinstein and singer Sheryl Crow must stay 300 yards away from them for the next three years

Movie executive Harvey Weinstein has obtained a three-year restraining order against a man who allegedly threatened to shoot him.

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Philip Gordon Sparks, 45, who is also accused of threatening singer Sheryl Crow, must stay 300 yards away from Weinstein and Crow, who also obtained a restraining order against Sparks on Tuesday. He is also banned from attempting to contact Weinstein and Crow while the restraining order is in effect, the Associated Press reported.

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During an hour-long hearing presided over by L.A. Superior Court Judge James Hahn, Sparks accused Crow and Weinstein of stealing $7.5 million from him, as well as videotaping him and following him without his permission. Crow and Weinstein's actions ultimately left Sparks homeless, he claimed.

Not surprisingly, Weinstein denies Sparks' claims.

According to TMZ, Sparks called the Screen Actors Guild in July and threatened to shoot both Weinstein and Crow.

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Sparks also claims that Weinstein and Crow blacklisted Sparks from Hollywood and attempted to cover up the murder of publicist Ronni Chasen.

In court papers filed by Weinstein, the Weinstein Company honcho says that he hired a private investigator to investigate Sparks, and believes that he is a genuine threat. Weinstein also said that he thinks that Sparks has been tracking his activities, since he is "aware of some of the personal activities that I did not publicize."