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Harvey Weinstein Juror Says Annabella Sciorra’s Testimony Was ‘Convincing to a Lot of the Jurors’ (Video)

”I feel like the way things went for her, it was wrong,“ Juror No. 2 tells ”Inside Edition“

Juror No. 2 in Harvey Weinstein’s criminal trial said that despite the panel’s “not guilty” verdict on charges of predatory sexual assault that were, in part, related to actress Annabella Sciorra’s accusation, many of the jurors were convinced by her testimony.

“I wouldn’t say that it wasn’t convincing,” the juror said, speaking publicly for the first time on a Tuesday episode of “Inside Edition.” “It was very much so convincing to a lot of the jurors. I feel like the way things went for her, it was wrong. Very much so wrong. And I just feel like, hopefully, with the verdict that we gave, she feels like she has some type of closure.”

Sciorra testified that Weinstein had barged into her Gramercy Park home around 1993, raped her, and then performed oral sex on her without her consent. Though her account fell outside the statute of limitations, her testimony was paired with Miriam Haley and Jessica Mann’s accounts to bolster the prosecution’s predatory sexual assault charge, which requires that the state prove the defendant raped or performed a forcible criminal sexual act on at least two women.

The panel found Weinstein guilty of third-degree rape and a first-degree criminal sexual act related to Mann and Haley’s accounts, respectively, but ultimately acquitted Weinstein of the predatory sexual assault charges.

The juror also told “Inside Edition” that “tensions were very high” inside the deliberation room, where the panel of seven men and five women deliberated for five days.

“Everyone was nervous,” she said. “All I can say is that the temperature in the room was very high.”

Watch the clip above.