Harvey Weinstein to Be Arraigned on New Indictment in Sex Crimes Case, Prosecutor Says

Disgraced mogul expected in New York City court on Monday to face new charge

harvey weinstein
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Harvey Weinstein, the movie mogul who has been accused by numerous women of sexual assault, will be arraigned next Monday in New York City potentially under new charges.

Weinstein currently faces five charges, including for rape and predatory sexual assault. The New York Times reported last week that prosecutors may be able to change the number of indictments against Weinstein based on new testimony from Annabella Sciorra, an actress who has accused Weinstein of raping her. Though Weinstein can’t be charged for allegedly assaulting Sciorra under the statute of limitations, Sciorra’s testimony could help bolster the D.A.’s case.

Sciorra (“The Sopranos,” “The Kitchen”) has said that Weinstein raped her in 1993 at her apartment. (Weinstein has denied engaging in any non-consensual sex.)

A grand jury will be voting on the indictment — which is still sealed — at Monday’s arraignment, which could allow Sciorra to testify at Weinstein’s criminal trial beginning on September 9. Earlier this month, Justice James Burke, who is presiding over the case, ruled that Sciorra could not testify at the trial because her account had not been presented to the grand jury.

A spokesperson for the Manhattan D.A.’s office did not comment on the potential new charges. Donna Rotunno, Weinstein’s lawyer, called Monday’s arraignment “unprecedented” in a statement sent to TheWrap.

“This action by the prosecutor bespeaks the desperation that has engulfed their case,” Rotunno said. “We have reached the point where one must be concerned that these desperate measures indicate more of a focus on obtaining a conviction than on seeking justice.”