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Has Oprah Winfrey Cloned Herself?

Maybe. Deadline claims she checked out Jeff Gaspin’s NATPE appearance this week. There’s just one problem…

Does Oprah Winfrey have a clone?

Deadline.com today reported that Winfrey was "spotted listening to NBC Universal Entertainment chairman Jeff Gaspin’s speech at the NATPE confab in Las Vegas."

The website added that Winfrey "was sitting about 10 rows back and keeping a very low profile."

Wow. Maybe Winfrey was cooking up some big deal with Gaspin? Or getting the inside scoop on the whole Leno-Conan thing in advance of her big interview with Jay Leno, airing today?

What’s more, how did Winfrey manage to avoid the press? Reporters from Daily Variety, the LA Times and, yes, Mr. MoJoe were all at Gaspin’s Tuesday morning Q&A session (it wasn’t a speech).

So we asked Oprah’s rep at her Harpo production company whether Winfrey was, in fact, at NATPE this week.

"No, she wasn’t," he replied.

To be clear, we have no idea if Winfrey was or wasn’t in the room for Gaspin’s speech. Maybe she was, and kept her staff in the dark. We’re just passing along information here, folks.

Meanwhile, we’re still trying to track down Oprah’s clone — just in case.