Hasan Minhaj Says Bye to ‘The Daily Show’ by Combining Obamacare and MoviePass (Video)

Minhaj’s new weekly series “Patriot Act” premieres on Netflix in October

Last Updated: August 16, 2018 @ 9:54 PM

Hasan Minhaj marked his final appearance on “The Daily Show” Thursday night with a suggestion for saving MoviePass: combine it with the Affordable Care Act.

Minhaj is leaving “The Daily Show” to host a weekly political talk show, “Patriot Act,” premiering on Netflix Oct. 28. But Trevor Noah joked that there’s another reason: “Apparently the Muslim ban is way more far reaching than we realized.”

Minhaj, greeted by a standing ovation, talked about the financial struggles of MoviePass, and the company’s recent move to limit subscribers to three movies per month. “Now what am I gonna do?” he asked. “What you could do is just buy a ticket for a movie you wanna see, like a normal person,” countered Noah.

“We’re Millennials,” Minhaj continued. “It’s all about subscription culture. You pay a small fee, and in exchange you get everything. Unlimited streaming from Netflix and Spotify. Unlimited shipping from Prime. Unlimited STDs from Tinder.”

Noah suggested that MoviePass’s woes are reminiscent of the health care system. “This is actually why Obamacare struggled, because young people didn’t want to sign up, and only older, sick people were using the service.”

“I get what you’re saying. We need to combine MoviePass and Obamacare,” Minhaj interjected. “Okay, so young people get movies, and old sick people get health care. We’ll call it ‘Moviecare.'”

Minhaj then described what the service would be like — but we’ll let the joke speak for itself. Watch the video (and Minhaj’s final “The Daily Show” appearance) above.