Watch Japanese Animated Voice Synthesizer Hatsune Miku Perform on ‘The Late Show’ (Video)

David Letterman has no idea what to do with the 3D humanoid, so he makes a pot joke

Hatsune Miku David Letterman

Well, this is … different — especially for David Letterman.

Japanese anime “star” Hatsune Miku “performed” her hit “Sharing the World” on Wednesday night’s “Late Show.” All those extraneous quotation marks come with very good reason: While Miku’s band is made of very real human beings, the singer is a projected humanoid persona voiced by a synthesizer app.

Developed by Crypton Future Media, Miku’s voice was sampled from Japanese actress Saki Fujita. Together, they’ve now officially invaded America.

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After the unusual performance on the CBS late-night show, host Letterman strolled over to the hologram to thank her for stopping by. He wisely added a joke to ease all of the weirdness.

“Alright, that’s fun,” Letterman said. “It’s like being on Willie Nelson‘s tour bus.”

Watch the video: