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‘Haven’ Stars Open to Returning for More, Admit to ‘Mixed Feelings’ About Finale

”Hands down. I think we would always do that,“ Emily Rose says of filming more of Syfy’s fan-favorite drama

Add Lucas Bryant and Emily Rose to the list of people who would be down for more of Syfy’s “Haven.”

The stars were at the London Comic Con doing a panel about their show, which ended in August 2015, when they admitted they would be happy to step back into the shoes of Nathan and Audrey.

“There’s always chance for a ‘Haven’ sequel,” Rose said in answer to a fan question. “If they ask for it, it may come.”

“We don’t know of anything, I wish we were teasing something that was in the works, but no, nothing that we know of,” Bryant clarified. “But ‘any chance’ as in would we do it? Yes.”

“Totally,” Rose added. “Hands down. I think we would always do that.”

There would certainly be story possibilities to explore, since the fifth season of the fan-favorite Syfy drama ended with Nathan (Bryant) meeting yet another new version of Audrey (Rose). Her name is Paige this time, and she drives into Haven, Maine, with her baby James in tow, and the story comes full circle to how Nathan and Audrey met in the first place.

“Initially, I had a lot of mixed feelings about it,” admitted Rose about how the show ended. “To be honest I don’t even know if I remember what those mixed feelings were … I really wanted Audrey and Nathan somehow to end up getting a better life together. I know Paige was the answer to that. When I got to play her, I really felt that way. But that whole experience filming the finale was really surreal.”

Bryant, too, admitted he didn’t quite know how to react to the show’s ending, which left Nathan in an uncertain place with Paige, who has no memories of the years he shared with Audrey.

“The further away from it I get, the more I like the mystery,” Bryant added. “The questions that it leaves us with, which is the whole thing that started the show. So it was a beautiful coming full circle but in a completely new, ‘who knows?’ way.”