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HBO Max’s ‘A World of Calm’ Trailer Wants Idris Elba and Keanu Reeves to Read You a Bedtime Story (Video)

Mahershala Ali, Oscar Isaac and Priyanka Chopra will also ASMR you into a zen state in TV adaptation of the Calm app

HBO Max dropped the trailer for “A World of Calm,” its upcoming TV adaptation of the Calm app, and it’s bound to give you the ASMR tingles.

The series, based on the popular app for users with anxiety and trouble sleeping, will feature celebrity voices like Mahershala Ali, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Idris Elba, Oscar Isaac, Nicole Kidman, Zoë Kravitz, Lucy Liu, Cillian Murphy, Keanu Reeves and Kate Winslet reading the app’s popular “Sleep Stories,” AKA bedtime stories for adults.

Made for audiences of all ages, the 10 half-hour episodes, out Oct. 1, are described as “transporting the viewer into tranquility through scientifically-engineered narratives, enchanting music and astounding footage to naturally calm your body and soothe the mind. Each story is brought to life by a different iconic voice and will take viewers on a journey everywhere from a noodle maker’s kitchen in Seattle, to the forests of Latvia, and beyond our solar system to the outer stretches of the universe.”

If all of that good stuff combined with what HBO Max calls “mesmeric images” — fish swimming in the ocean, crop circles on snow-peaked mountain tops, majestic forests, sea turtles — doesn’t make you calm the heck down, what will?

“A World of Calm” is produced by Jane Root and her production company Nutopia.

Watch the trailer above.

“A World of Calm” premieres Oct. 1 on HBO Max.