Mark Ruffalo Struggles to Be Heard About AIDS Crisis in New Clips From ‘The Normal Heart’ (Video)

Clips featuring Julia Roberts, Matt Bomer and Taylor Kitsch, emphasize challenges in getting anyone of authority to pay attention to the AIDS crisis in its early days

HBO has released three clips for Ryan Murphy’s upcoming adaptation of Larry Kramer’s Tony-award winning play “The Normal Heart,” which premieres May 25.

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The story revolves around the early days of the HIV-AIDS crisis in New York City. A common thread of all three clips is a desperate need to be heard from those who are intimately aware of the growing crisis in the homosexual community, and the difficulty in getting anyone to pay the kind of attention they should have been. In one, Mark Ruffalo is seen pleading with his boyfriend, Matt Bomer’s newspaper editor, for some coverage.

In another, a representative from the mayor seems dubious that there even is a health epidemic, despite the U.S. government having declared it so more than a year prior. And then, in the third, Julia Roberts is starting to come to terms with how the disease works, encouraging Ruffalo to speak out as a leader in the gay community.

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Kramer wrote the adaptation for the HBO film, which was produced by Murphy, Brad Pitt, and Scott Ferguson. A co-production of HBO Films and Plan B Entertainment, the film also stars Taylor Kitsch, Jim Parsons, Alfred Molina and Denis O’Hare.