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HBO to Stop Issuing Same-Day Ratings Information in January

In an acknowledgment of time-shifted viewing, premium channel decides to delay ratings data until Live + 7 Day numbers are in

Sorry, ratings junkies; pretty soon you’ll have to wait a while to see how many people tuned in to the latest episode of “Game of Thrones.”

Starting Jan. 1, HBO will cease issuing or confirming Live + Same Day ratings for its shows.

In a note to press Wednesday, the premium cable channel said that it will hold viewership numbers for a show for “approximately two weeks,” so that Live + 7 Day ratings — which take into account those who watched a program on its airdate and over the next seven days — can be taken into account, as well as preliminary HBO on Demand and HBO GO data.

The move is an effort to acknowledge time-shifted viewing for HBO’s programming.

“HBO subscribers have available to them an array of entry points to watch our programming — HBO linear feeds, DVR, HBO On Demand and HBO GO — and a single airing is no longer representative of an HBO show’s true audience size,” HBO said. “Today, it is common for final gross-audience figures to grow anywhere from five to 10 times viewership after an initial airing.”

HBO isn’t the first outlet to become a tease with its ratings data; earlier this year, FX announced that it would not release ratings data until Live + 3 Day numbers are available.