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HBO’s Anita Hill Docu-Drama ‘Confirmation’ Under Fire From Lawmakers

”We feel when people see the film it will speak for itself,“ HBO Films President Len Amato says of the drama exploring the 1991 Anita Hill confirmation hearings

HBO’s “Confirmation” is already coming under fire from D.C. lawmakers who allege there are “grave inaccuracies” in the docu-drama chronicling the Anita Hill hearings.

Former senators Alan Simpson of Wyoming and John Danforth of Missouri are among those speaking against their portrayals in the film starring Kerry Washington, reports Politico.

Simpson is even threatening legal action. “I don’t know what I’ll do but it won’t be fun and games,” he told Politico. “I won’t just sit still. I’ll have a response, I always have. An attack unanswered is an attack believed.”

Hill was called to testify at Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ 1991 Senate confirmation hearing when it was revealed she had accused him of sexual harassment while he was her supervisor years earlier. The film will focus on the confirmation hearings and the effect they had on Hill and the country at large.

In addition to Washington, the film stars Zoe Lister-Jones as Carolyn Hart and “The Wire” star Wendell Pierce as Clarence Thomas.

The source of the senators’ contention is an early draft of the script, which Simpson said “seriously distorted” actual events.

“Obviously, they were going to go forward with [the film], and obviously there are going to be some repercussions because they’ve opened a hornet’s nest,” he said.

Simpson objected to particular scenes, including one in which a staffer chases a man through the woods in order to serve him with a subpoena.

Susannah Grant wrote the screenplay and serves as executive producer along with Washington, Michael London and Janice Williams for HBO Films in association with ABC Signature, and with London and Williams’ A Groundswell Production. Rick Famuyiwa (“Dope”) directed.

HBO is standing by the film and the research the filmmakers did.

“‘Confirmation’ has gone through a thorough research and vetting process not any different than our past award-winning films, which have stood the test of time,” HBO Films’ President Len Amato said in a statement. “Basically, our process is to be as transparent as possible and to talk to as many people connected to the story as possible.  We look at all the literature that’s been published, sometimes we option books, we consult with respected journalists who covered the event at the time and really listen to what people have to say.  The goal is to find significant stories to tell and get them right.  ‘Confirmation’ does just that.  We feel when people see the film it will speak for itself.”

“Confirmation” airs April 16 on HBO.