HBO’s Kenny Powers aka Danny McBride as ‘Star Wars” Darth Vader (Video)

McBride provides the voice of the "Star Wars" villain in a Funny or Die mashup

They always say don't mess with a good thing, and in terms of the movie business there may be nothing better than "Star Wars."

One of the highest grossing movie series of all-time? Check.

The top title in the Blu-Ray catalog? Check.

Endless merchandise sales, theme park rides and pop culture refernces? Check check check.

But this Funny or Die mashup of the first movie, 'Star Wars: A New Hope," is worth a look (provided you are comfortable with the lewd references). Danny McBride, best known as Kenny Powers on HBO's cult hit "Eastbound & Down," provides the voice for an uncensored Darth Vader.

If you don't know who he is, may the force be with you.

Here is the clip: