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HBO’s ‘Luck’ Teaser: Michael Mann Drama Looks Like a Safe Bet

The network offers a glimpse of its upcoming horse-racing drama, which stars Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte

Dustin Hoffman. Nick Nolte. Michael Mann. David Milch.

The four names attached to HBO's upcoming series "Luck" may be even bigger than the good men and women involved with "Boardwalk Empire" — and their IMDB-friendly credentials alone made the horse-racing drama as safe a bet for making a successful debut as there ever was.

Now that the network has posted a production video explaining the premise of "Luck" and introducing its characters, you may as well bet the farm. The series, which is co-created by Mann and Milch, appears to have all of the elements of a signature HBO drama. At the very least, it has Dustin Hoffman, as a mob boss, enunciating the word "qualms" in an amazing way.

No premiere date has been set yet. If we were the kind of degenerate gamblers referred to in the clip below, we'd wager that "Luck" will debut in the first quarter of 2012, following heavy promotion during the second season of "Boardwalk Empire." But of course, that's a sucker's bet, as HBO has yet to set a date for "Boardwalk Empire," either.

Obviously HBO needs to start announcing premiere dates, pronto!