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‘Heathers': Heather Chandler Tries to Be a Good Person and It Doesn’t Go So Well (Video)

Save the pig blood for after the chips and salsa

Heather Chandler is an f—ing good person, you guys. She swears. Literally.

“I’m a f—ing good person, you b—-!” Heather, played by Melanie Field, yells at Trailer Parker (Brett Cooper) while they casually dine on chips and “tomato water” in a new clip from the upcoming Paramount Network reboot of the 1989 movie.

Prior to Heather’s outburst, her dining companion removed her jacket to reveal a “Pro-Life” tee-shirt, and then asked if she could get something off her chest.

“I have seen several segments of the movie ‘Carrie,’ and so I think I have an idea of where this night is going,” Trailer Parker says. “I just ask if you’re going to dump some manner of pig blood on me, please do it after we eat.” Like Heather would ever “Carrie” someone. Come on.

The series is back on after it was shelved by the network after the Parkland shooting, despite previous plans to shop the series around to other outlets.

The entire season of the dark comedy will be made available to stream on the Paramount Network app and website beginning Monday, Oct. 22. The show will also get a run on the linear network, airing two episodes back-to-back throughout the week beginning Oct. 25.

The series has been cut one episode short, though. The originally planned 10th episode was going to depict the show’s high school getting destroyed in an explosion. Instead, the last two episodes have been re-cut, with the ninth episode to serve as a cliffhanger ending.

The show’s fifth episode has also been edited to alter a scene in which a character plays a first-person shooter-style video game. In the original version of the episode, the game was set in a school.

Watch the clip above.