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Heidi Klum Really Puts Her Foot in It With Creepy Halloween Costume Tease (Video)

”Putting my best foot forward,“ ”America’s Got Talent“ personality says with latest glimpse at her Oct. 31 get-up

Way to take the next step in building up anticipation for your Halloween costume this year, Heidi Klum.

“America’s Got Talent” personality and mistress of disguise Klum offered another glimpse of her Halloween costume on Monday, delivering a creepy tease of this year’s get-up.

“Putting my best foot forward this #HeidiHalloween thanks to @prorenfx,” Klum, whose Halloween costumes have become an annual obsession thanks to their elaborate nature, wrote on her social media accounts. “Any guesses?! You’ll find out soon enough! #TwoMoreDays #CantWait.”

A video accompanying her tease suggested that this year’s costume, in addition to having two sets of teeth, will sport at least one grotesquely swollen foot. Which was featured slowly rotating in the video like something out of a Ryan Murphy fever dream.

While Klum’s clue was guarded, it sparked plenty of speculation in the comments section of her post. Multiple people guessed that Klum would be celebrating Oct. 31 as the Statue of Liberty, though the folkloric creature Bigfoot also earned a couple of guesses.

Still others guessed that Klum would be masquerading as King Kong or Shrek.

Check out Klum’s tease below, and feel free to step into the guessing game with your own suggestions in the comments section.