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Heidi Klum Kills Her Fans With Suspense as She Teases Halloween Costume (Video)

White walker? Werewolf? King Kong? ”America’s Got Talent“ judge has a knack for agonizing reveals

That Heidi Klum is such a tease.

“America’s Got Talent” judge Klum — who typiically has one of the most-anticipated costumes every Halloween — gave her fans both a trick and a treat Tuesday, as she engaged in an hours-long sneak peek at this year’s get-up.

The agonizing tease campaign — which, as of this writing, has been unfolding for the past six hours — began with a video of the model/television personality issuing a Happy Halloween video greeting.

“Happy Halloween, everybody! Yes, it is that time of the year and I’m very excited, so let’s get this party started,” Klum declared.

“Very excited” is probably an understatement. Klum then proceeded to slowly unveil the process, snippet by snippet, as her usually unobjectionable visage was transformed into a  gnarly-fanged, wrinkly-fleshed abomination.

The protracted unveiling threw Klum’s fans into a guessing frenzy on her Instagram account.

“GREMLIN,” one commenter ventured.

“The beauty and the beast???” asked another fan.

“Werewolf for sure,” one observer boldly put forth.

“Chewbacca!!!!!” went another guess.

“King Kong,” suggested another commenter.

“White walker?” asked another commenter and apparent “Game of Thrones” fan.

Klum’s elaborate Halloween get-ups typically make a huge splash, though sometimes they’re not without controversy. Last year, Klum’s costume — which featured her surrounded by five clones of herself — drew criticism on Twitter, with one user declaring, “Not impressed” and another declaring, “Much disappointment.”