Heidi Klum’s Excited for New Amazon Series – Just Don’t Ask Her What She Buys on Amazon (Video)

“Project Runway” alum insists she purchases detergent herself — but Ellen DeGeneres ain’t buyin’ it

Heidi Klum may be a proud new Amazon employee — but we aren’t entirely convinced she’s using all of their services.

When the fashion icon stopped by to see Ellen DeGeneres Tuesday — touting all the wonderful things that the e-commerce giant will let her and “Project Runway” partner Tim Gunn do with their upcoming Prime Video fashion series — the daytime talk show host caught Klum in what may have been a shopping lie.

“I feel like what we’ve never had on ‘Project Runway’ was do [sic] something for the designers, where the designers create something that then actually can end up in your closet,” Klum told DeGeneres of the new series, which was announced last week at the same time as Gunn and Klum revealed they were leaving “Project Runway” after 16 seasons, ahead of its move back to home network Bravo.

“So I think it’s amazing now that when you see our new fashion show they have the opportunity to sell the clothes to you guys if you like them. So I think that was always missing and I love that aspect of this.”

Klum says when she’s in bed watching something, she thinks it would be “awesome” to purchase a product she sees adding, “So when you shop [on Amazon], you can do everything at once so I thought it was the perfect home for us.”

Ok, so now Ellen needs to know what Heidi Klum buys on Amazon.

“I bought gifts for my children’s friends for birthday parties or things for the household, you know, all these different washing detergents — all kinds of things you buy there, right?” Klum says.

When DeGeneres presses Klum to reveal what brand of detergent she uses, Klum is stumped.

“Because you’ve never bought laundry detergent,” DeGeneres deadpans. Oh, Heidi.

Watch the video above.