Heidi Klum Puts Some Bite in This Year’s Halloween Costume With Super-Creepy Sneak Peek (Video)

“America’s Got Talent” personality sinks her teeth into the season with eerie teaser

Looks like Heidi Klum’s Halloween costume is really going to bite this year.

With October 31 fast approaching, an annual tradition has once again kicked into high gear — trying to figure out what kind of get-up mistress of disguise Klum will pull off this year.

“America’s Got Talent” personality Klum offered a chilling glimpse of what’s to come via her social media accounts Thursday, suggesting that her costume, might, just maybe, feature multiple mouths. And while the prospect of Klum bearing multiple mouths might not initially sound like such a bad thing, the video she shared might give one reason to think twice.

“Chomping at the bit for Halloween to get here… at least the teeth for my costume are ready!” Klum wrote in accompaniment of the video.

As for the video itself, it features two foreboding sets of chompers, which are apparently also animated — and not in that comical, wind-up novelty-teeth way, but rather in a hypnotized-by-the-horror-of-it way.

Klum’s Halloween get-up last year also had some teeth — or, rather, fangs — as she transformed herself into Michael Jackson, transforming into a werewolf, in a nod to Jackson’s classic “Thriller” video.

So, what’s it gonna be this year? Feel free to drop your predictions and theories in the comments section.