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Heidi Klum Takes on Jimmy Fallon and His Box of Lies (Video)

After facing off with Donald Trump, the supermodel goes head-to-head with the ”Tonight Show“ host

Its been a busy week for Heidi Klum.

After getting dragged into Donald Trump’s election drama when he bashed the former model for not being “a 10” anymore, the “Project Runway” and “America’s Got Talent” host took on Jimmy Fallon.

The pair went head-to-head Wednesday night in a frantic game of Box of Lies — which was not referring to Trump’s GOP presidential campaign, but rather one of the “Tonight Show” host’s recurring bits.

On the stage was a bunch of objects neither of them had seen before and the contestants had to open a box out of view of the other person and then “show it to the audience and say what it is in your box … you may be lying, you may be telling the truth. Your opponent has to guess,” Fallon explained.

Klum initially claimed she had a box of butterflies with gum stuck on them — which was in fact a collection of miniature bottles of cinnamon whiskey, so of course, they had to do a shot.

Fallon next said he had a Jello mold full of Justin Bieber heads, which Klum immediately spotted as a lie.

However, despite the German supermodel’s fumbled description of “moss with lips on it,” Fallon guessed the final round correctly to clinch a victory.

“The Tonight Show” airs at 11.35 p.m. on NBC.