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Heidi Klum’s Big, Green Halloween Tease Causes a Shrek of a Buzz (Video)

Hey now, she’s a Halloween all-star, maybe

The Heidi Klum Halloween Costume Watch 2018 took a dramatic turn Wednesday afternoon, as the “America’s Got Talent” personality posted an update on this year’s get-up that had observers issuing a collective “Shrek, yes!” as they believed to have solved the mystery.

In a social media post, Klum unveiled an image of herself, her face bloated with prosthetics and painted green, alongside a man whose face was also a shade of green.

The reveal prompted many to conclude — or at least guess — that Klum had chosen to masquerade as Fiona from the film “Shrek.”

“Shrek and Fiona?” asked one reader.

“Fiona & Shrek,” a more assertive response said.

“Hi Heidi great Halloween costume I knew you are going to be Fiona from shrek; I hope you have a fantastic evening at your annual Halloween party 🙂 I can not wait to see videos of you in your full Halloween costume :),” came yet another response.

And then their was the outlier opinion, “Just like the hulk .”

Subsequent posts by Klum further suggested that Heidi Halloween 2018 would, indeed, be a “Shrek”-related affair.

Of course, with Klum — whose elaborate Halloween costumes have become an annual national fixation — anything is possible, and one shouldn’t be too hasty to rule out a false-flag operation on Klum’s part, designed to throw off the public and distract them from the real cover-up.

Take a look at Klum’s latest clues below, and offer your own guesses in the comments section.