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Helen Mirren to Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan: ‘Don’t Be Up Your Own Bum’ (Video)

"Red 2" star Helen Mirren dishes no-nonsense advice to the troubled starlets of the world

Helen Mirren has some words of wisdom for Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes: Stay out of your own asses.

While promoting her upcoming film "Red 2," Mirren offered some sage words of wisdom for Lohan, Bynes and other famous young people who've found themselves on a wayward path. 

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Mirren didn't mince words. The biggest favor that Lohan and Bynes can do themselves, in Mirren's estimation? Avoid cranial-rectal inversion.

"I don't know if you're allowed to say this on television: Don't be up your own bum," Mirren offered.

For those not well-versed in slang for anatomical parts, Mirren wasn't referring to vagrants.

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"People get their own [bum], and you really don't need to. It's the thing of the young, and just don't do that," Mirren continued.

"She's the Man" actress Bynes has recently attracted negative attention for a series of bizarre tweets on topics such as her desire for musician Drake to commit homicide against her lady-bits.

Lohan, of course, has attracted negative attention for being Lindsay Lohan, most recently entering rehab — again — after pleading no contest to misdemeanor charges related to a June 2012 car accident.

Watch Mirren dispense some harsh truth in the video: