Watch First Teaser for Helen Mirren’s Spooky ‘Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built’ (Video)

Supernatural thriller based on life of eccentric heiress Sarah Winchester

CBS Films has released the first teaser trailer for Helen Mirren’s spooky “Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built.” Check it out above.

The supernatural thriller is based on the life of eccentric heiress Sarah Winchester, who was convinced that she and her family were haunted by the souls killed by the family’s infamous rifle. Her real-life obsession led to the round-the-clock construction of an enormous 160-room mansion in San Jose, California, designed to keep these evil spirits at bay.

The film is written and directed by the Spierig brothers and is based on a script first penned by Tom Vaughan.

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The Winchester Mystery House still stands today in northern California and has been named one of the “Most Haunted Places in the World” by Time Magazine. The Winchester Mystery House is one of California’s original and most popular historic attractions. Since opening to the public in 1923, the house has welcomed nearly 12 million people from around the world.

Following a medium’s advice, Sarah built a massive house in Northern California to appease the spirits. For the next 38 years, she never stopped building believing that if she continued, she would live forever, and if she stopped, she would die, which she eventually did in 1922 at age 82.