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Arise, Fonzie: Henry Winkler Receives OBE Award From Queen

British monarch gives ”Happy Days“ legend honor for charity work

Finally, Fonzie has received his due from the Queen of England. Ayyyy!

Henry Winkler, who played charismatic greaser Arthur Fonzarelli on the '70s TV series "Happy Days," received an Order of the British Empire award from the Queen last week, in recognition of his work with British children with learning challenges, via his My Way! Campaign.

Winkler's legend has been on the rise lately; in addition to his role in the ongoing USA comedy "Royal Pains," he made this year's Super Bowl. Footage of the actor in his iconic role as The Fonz was prominently feature in the "American Family" ad that aired during this year's big game

The ad featured classic TV footage of characters updated for modern times.

In the ad, Winkler/Fonzie is seen hitting a flat-screen TV to make it work, in homage to his "Happy Days" method of jukebox maintenance.

See the "American Family" ad below.