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From Here to CW: ‘One Tree Hill’ Honors Movie Classic

Fans of "One Tree Hill" probably won’t get the reference, but it looks like producers of the show watched some Turner Classic Movies during their hiatus.


A just-released promo spot for the new season of "OTH" (or is "The Hill"? "One Tree" "Treehill"?) features two key characters snogging mightly whilst lying on the beach, waves lapping over their young, well-sculpted bodies.


In case there was any doubt it’s an homage, the spot is titled "Eternity"– as in "From Here to Eternity," the classic Burt Lancaster-Deborah Kerr romance. The spots are designed to hype "OTH’s" Sept. 14 return in its brand new 8 p.m. timeslot.


In addition to the classic film hat-tip, the promo uses the hot new All-American Rejects track "I Wanna." Here’s the ad …

And here’s the original scene from the classic movie: