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Here’s How Bad Los Angeles Traffic Will Be Today. We’re Sorry

This Thanksgiving will be the busiest travel period since 2005

Los Angeles gives us much to be thankful for: the entertainment center of the world boasts year-round lovely weather, sandy beaches and swaying palm trees. But it also has hellish traffic, especially before Thanksgiving.

An estimated 48.5 million Americans are expected to the road for Thanksgiving between Wednesday and Monday, the Automobile Club of Southern California (AAA) reported.

Angelenos practice every rush hour for this kind of misery. But today is the ultimate test of your ability to keep driving safely (and politely? Sorry, kidding).

According to AAA, this Thanksgiving will be the busiest travel period since 2005. That’s 13 years ago — when “Grey’s Anatomy” had just aired its first season — so strap in.

Additionally, chances of heavy rain are forecast for California on Thursday, which is excellent news for firefighters. So consider the added delays you’ll suffer a sacrifice for the greater good.

According to AAA, the busiest stretches of Los Angeles highways will be I-5 South at Valley View Ave., I-10 East at I-5/US-101 and I-405 South at Woodruff Ave.

AAA Thanksgiving traffic

At peak traffic, AAA is forecasting delays of double the normal drive time in Los Angeles. It could be worse: Drivers in San Francisco may see a delay of nearly quadruple normal drive time.

“Whatever your destination this Thanksgiving, remember to buckle up and avoid distractions while driving and give yourself plenty of time for your trip so you and your passengers can arrive safely,” CHP Commissioner Warren Stanley said in a statement on Monday. “Remembering to wear your seat belt every day is a good practice, but take extra care over the long holiday to ensure you are able to enjoy the festivities with friends and family.”

And try to look for the upside: AAA says many people traveling means the economy is growing and people have disposable income and consumer confidence is at an 18-year high.

See below for some footage showing the insane Los Angeles traffic: