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‘The Bachelor’ Finale Part 2: Here’s the Woman Peter Weber Chose

Like Chris Harrison said, if you think you know what happens, you don’t

Update: Well, that was quick. This couple broke up three days after this finale aired.

Peter Weber may have proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss at the beginning of Tuesday’s live “Bachelor” finale, but she’s not the woman he ended up with at the end of the epic conclusion of the 24th season of the ABC dating series.

In the drama-filled live event, Madison Prewett, who broke up with Weber during Monday night’s Part 1 of the two-night finale, flew back from Auburn, Alabama to tell Peter she still loves him — three months after choosing to walk away from their relationship over fears that her deeply Christian lifestyle wouldn’t be compatible with his free-spirited ways.

Peter welcomed her back with open arms, and the two ended the night sitting hand in hand on the “Bachelor” couch opposite host Chris Harrison. They’re not engaged, but as of tonight, they do intend to stay together.

That decision came much to the chagrin of Hannah Ann, with whom he broke his engagement just one month after it began because he wasn’t able to give her “his whole heart.” And, of course, Peter’s mother and reality TV darling, Barbara Weber, who has been extremely outspoken both in favoring Hannah Ann as well as about her blatant distaste for Madison.

“When I said I wanted Hannah Ann so badly, it was because I knew, to us, we just clicked right away,” Barbara told Harrison during the live finale. “Unfortunately, we did not have that connection with Madison.”

After some heated words were exchanged between Peter’s mother and the woman he truly loves — Barbara looked America in the eyes and said “It’s not going to work” — the Bachelor and his beloved pledged to do their best to stay together and work it out no matter what.

“I’ve made more mistakes than you could ever make as ‘The Bachelor,'” Peter told Madison. “But I’m still sitting on this couch with you through everything, and that makes me happy.”

Here’s hoping Madison and her potential future mother-in-law can squash the beef!