‘Heroes Reborn’ Teaser Features Jack Coleman Return, Zachary Levi Debut

Tim Kring’s hit NBC series about ordinary people with extraordinary abilities returns as a 13-episode limited series in 2015

Tim Kring‘s “Heroes” became a nationwide phenomenon when it premiered in 2006, before faltering in later seasons. But now it’s coming back as “Heroes Reborn,” a limited series much like Fox’s successful “24” relaunch in 2014, with NBC debuting a short promotional teaser during Super Bowl XLIX.

Coming later in 2015 is “Heroes Reborn,” a 13-episode series that features the return of Jack Coleman as fan-favorite character H.R.G. aka Noah Bennett. The short video also gave fans their first look at Zachary Levi‘s mysterious new character.

This time around H.R.G. is tracking a young girl with an unknown special ability. But surely there will be others. After all, the original “Heroes” was a show about ordinary people discovering they have extraordinary abilities. It juggled an enormous cast of interconnected characters, with most of them possessing what many people would call superpowers.

Creator and executive producer Kring returns for “Heroes Reborn,” alongside executive producers Peter Elkoff and James Middleton. Imperative Entertainment produces in association with Universal Television. The limited series will air on NBC, NBC’s digital platforms, Hulu and VOD. The network will debut a prequel series in advance of the series premiere.

Watch the Super Bowl ad for “Heroes Reborn” here.