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Kanye! Gaga! Bieber! 10 Rockers & Rappers You Must Follow on Twitter

The Grammys are this weekend but if you really want to let the music do the talking – Twitter is the place to hang out. TheWrap has pulled together the ultimate supergroup – Justin, Lenny, Taylor, Slash … hit it!!

It's a long way from screaming down the hotel hall on a Harley with a Playmate holding on or filling a bath with bubbly and shooting out the TV but to some of rock'n'roll and hip hop's biggest acts Twitter has proved to be a very useful way to get their voice heard.

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Twitter, rock’n’roll and hip hop style, is still primarily a young man and woman's game, and you won't find geezers like the Rolling Stones or U2 popping up too often. But in all honesty, unless trips to visit their financial advisor is really your idea of fun this Grammy weekend, why would you want to – especially when you have Kanye West, Lady Gaga, and young Justin Bieber!

Kanye West – @kanyewest
Why Follow: Dude, @dasracist may be hotter in the underground and @NICKIMINAJ is topping the charts right now, but Kanye owns Twitter! The wonderfully self obsessed hip hop superstar’s been named checked by two Presidents among his many achievements & is, beat for beat, one of the most talented & relevant musicians around. Plus, as over 2,346,500 followers know, this Twitter king, is, in the best sense of social media in action, a running commentary on his own dramas – check out his Feb. 5 tirades, you’ll see what I mean.
Sample Tweet: I just zoned on how ill it is to really fall in love… Pimpin' is whatev … Love is that s**t!
Be Prepared For: His latest album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”was a top pick of 2010 and his collaboration with Jay-Z on their upcoming “Watch The Throne” album is a hip hop mega-match-up to rival the last time @Eminem and Dr. Dre, who are performing together on the Grammys, really got together – but the real treat is if someone he doesn’t like wins on Sunday …well, Taylor can tell you what could happen.

Taylor Swift – @TaySwift13x
Why Follow: Contrived or not, the country ingénue’s sweet & humble tweets, on her new page, takes you right into her world, with a sometimes wicked sense of timing & humor.
Sample Tweet: THAT SHOW RULED!! Thank you Singapore. My band and I love you. And your dancing and jumping and singing and screaming! Good times.
Be Prepared For: Taylor might not mention her latest celeb break-up, but she does put out a ton of tweeted Thank Yous as Taylor, whose latest album “Speak Now” continues to sell like hot cakes and she tours the world.

Justin Bieber – @justinbieber
Why Follow: Most days the Bieber is one of the most Googled people on Earth & Twitter servers live and die based on his tweets and rewets…plus even though Stratford, Ontario’s own will likely lose Best New Artist to fellow Canadian Drake, he has a new 3D movie “Never Say Never” out this week and girls think he’s cute.
Sample Tweet: Just surprised another theatre.. Midnight showing! That was awesome! #NeverSayNever3D is out Now!!
Be Prepared For: More hysteria and hype.

Lady Gaga – @ladygaga
Why Follow: With over 8,116,2 00 followers, you’ve got to have something to say & the superstar, taking fans backstage, onstage & in her elaborate closet, certainly tries. Plus she’s quite good-natured … even when she’s accused of being too much like Madonna.
Sample Tweet: So many nights I've wept, too many thoughts to say. But now its less than 12 days left, till I was Born This Way. X Mother Monster
Be Prepared For: Her new single dropped Friday so in typical fashion expected a controversy or two at the Grammys this weekend, a eye-popping outfit or two every hour & her new album “Born This Way” out on May 23, 2011.

Lenny Kravitz – @LennyKravitz
Why Follow: Loads of pics of a real rock star lifestyle…hanging with Bono, Kanye and Mary J. Blige.
Sample Tweet: Getting some new ink. Hanging with Danny "MACHETE" Trejo. Lenny https://twitpic.com/3yfwkj
Be Prepared For: That new “Black White and America” album and tour Lenny’s been tweeting about for ages plus his performance at the NBA All Star game on Feb. 20.

Questlove – @questlove
Why Follow: The beloved Roots drummer & leader knows everyone in hip hop, Hollywood and everywhere else, both from the band’s full time gig on Jimmy Fallon & their relentless touring. And Quest hands out the inside skinny daily from his perspective both behind the kit and in the culture.
Sample Tweet: Hangin w Carl Bernstein.
Be Prepared For: The Roots, especially Questlove, never seem to sleep and especially during Grammy weekend when they are everywhere playing with everyone. So get ready for minute- by-minute tweets & pics from their exclusive Roots Jam Session  (@RootsJamSession ) … oh, and there might be a new album this year.

M.I.A. – @_M_I_A_
Why Follow: “Paper Planes” is a classic tune, her “Vikki Leeks” mixtape was as on the news as CNN &no one pushes genres better or throws cultural grenades, especially about Sri Lankan politics, with more grandeur than Maya Arulpragasam.
Sample Tweet: creativity! its the year of the rabbit / grabbit !https://twitpic.com/3y2mji
Be Prepared For: More touring, more spats with the media, more contradictions & more boundary breaking music …what more could you ever want?

Axl Rose – @axlrose
Why Follow: The temperamental Guns’n’Roses leader hasn’t tweeted a lot since late Aug when he claimed, after it went out that the band’s tour was cancelled, that his account was hacked. But Axl seems to have returned of late … so look out
Sample Tweet: N' b4 it's twisted "prior involvements" has nothing to do with old GN"R.
Be Prepared For: It’s Axl…it could be anything. A new tour, a new lawsuit, a new band, a new hack, a reunion of the original GNR or none of the above.

Slash – @Slash
Why Follow: The guitarist might be more predictable than his former GNR bandmate Axl, but Slash gives great Twitter – consistently updating what he’s doing, who he’s doing it with & where – often with lots of pics
Sample Tweet: Made it to Tulsa. No help from the weather though. Winter Wonderland my ass. Iii|; )'
Be Prepared For: More touring & more collaboration, like his “Paradise City” jam with the Black Eyed Peas during this year’s Super Bowl halftime show.

Girl Talk – @therealgirltalk
Why Follow: The mash-up master keeps fans close with replies & constant updates from airports, the studio and onstage pics …plus lots of links
Sample Tweet: Celtics/lakers on mute, lil kim – hardcore, going over tour accounting! Action packed nite
Be Prepared For: More stage packed shows and more free downloads like his recent Illegal Art project “All Day.”