HGTV and DIY Network’s 5 New Series Include ‘Crowded House,’ ‘Amish RENOgades’

The latter is exactly what it sounds like, featuring craftsmen from “Vanilla Ice Goes Amish”

Believe it or not, HGTV and DIY Network have made room for even more home renovation programming — and without use of a sledgehammer. The two cable channels have greenlit five new series between them on Tuesday.

HGTV has ordered “Crowded House,” “Tiny House Builders” (working title), “Half Price Paradise” and “Colonial Rehab” (working title); DIY Network has ordered “Amish RENOgades.”

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In HGTV’s “Crowded House,” from Stander Productions, 15 strangers follow home buying couples on their quest to locate, inspect and negotiate for the perfect home. “Tiny House Builders,” from Gurney Productions, features master craftsman Derek Deidricksen as he travels to remote locations to build amazing tiny homes, customized to clients’ dreams.

“Half Price Paradise,” from Scott Brothers Entertainment, is a series that features people who are tired of their over-priced big-city lives and begin a search for a new location that offers a better quality of life at a fraction of the cost. Each episode follows the family as they search for a new home while experiencing life in the new area. In the end, the family compares costs.

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HGTV will highlight historic home renovations on “Colonial Rehab,” from Magnetic Productions. Tayloe Emery and his wife Catherine tackle a full restoration of Mount Airy, their 250-year old Virginia estate.

On DIY Network, Amish craftsmen Robert Schlabach and Albert Miller, who first starred in “Vanilla Ice Goes Amish,” will leave their community to travel across the country and work on home improvement projects in “Amish RENOgades,” from Juma Entertainment. On the road, they’ll tackle modern tasks like social media and driving a car.