HGTV Renews ‘Unsellable Houses’ and ‘100 Day Dream Home’ for Second Seasons

“Unsellable,” the bigger hit, gets 13 more episodes for early 2021. “100 Day” nabs eight more for late 2020.

Unsellable Houses

HGTV has renewed freshmen series “Unsellable Houses” and “100 Day Dream Home” for second seasons.

“Every day we keep the HGTV team focused on finding and cultivating expert personalities so that we can create shows that have a fresh twist,” Jane Latman, the president of HGTV said in a statement to media on Tuesday. “‘Unsellable Houses’ and ‘100 Day Dream Home’ attracted a significant number of viewers after just one season and that is a big win for the HGTV pipeline.”

“Unsellable Houses” is the bigger hit of the two shows, and it gets the larger order for Season 2, with 13 episodes. Those episodes are slated to premiere in early 2021.

“100 Day Dream Home” will have an eight-episode second season, which is slated to start in late 2020.

“Unsellable Houses” stars twin sisters Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis — who are among the top-selling real estate agents in the Pacific Northwest — as they help struggling homeowners sell their seemingly unsellable homes in record time. Lamb and Davis invest their own money into the redesigns and split the profits with the sellers.

“100 Day Dream Home” follows husband-wife team Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt who help clients create their perfect custom home in Tampa, Fla., in 100 days or less.