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‘Hi, Baby!’ Ohio TV Reporter’s Mom Greets Him While He’s Working in the Field (Video)

ABC 6 Reporter Myles Harris paused his work to say hi to mom Sandi

Myles Harris, a reporter on ABC 6 in Columbus, Ohio, received a surprise visit from his mom while working in the field Tuesday, and the video has spread like good news.

Harris’ mother Sandi happened to drive by his site of reporting in in her small black car, cheerfully yelling “Hi, baby!” out the window as he stood by, embarrassed but also grateful.

Harris posted the video, taken by his cameraman DeAngelo Byrd who he tags in the caption, on Instagram. The full caption reads, “Typical Sandi (with a facepalm emoji) Yes, typical Sandi… Thanks for @deangelodbyrd who kept rolling.”

“My mom is my best friend,” Harris wrote in an email to TheWrap. “To post a video sharing our relationship and the reaction we have gotten so far has be UNBELIEVABLE. To know we could help brighten so many people’s mood and share something people can relate to is remarkable.”

“My mom is my #1 cheerleader from the time I stepped on the tennis courts to being in front of the camera,” Harris continued. “Any chance she can get to be front row with what she says is her ‘greatest accomplishment’ is special. We’re happy to see this touch people literally across the world and I’m happy to do it with my best friend.”

Harris grew up in northeast Columbus, attending St. Frances De Sales high school and later Wright State University, where he played Division I tennis, in Dayton. According to his profile page with ABC 6, Myles co-hosted a radio show called the “Raider Sports Scene” during his senior year of college, where his love of media grew.

Myles started as a multimedia journalist at ABC 6 in 2021 after graduating college. He worked in production and learned the ins and outs of newsroom operation. He also assisted with high school football coverage, and he now reports for Friday Night Rivals on the CW Columbus from the sideline.

Journalists like Katie Couric have circulated the video around social media, increasing its views. So far, Harris’ Instagram post has 56,950 likes. The Ohio native’s passions center around sports like tennis and football, including the Ohio State Buckeyes.

ABC 6 and Fox 28 have teased more from the encounter and the mother and son duo to be aired Wednesday night at 5 p.m. on ABC 6 News.

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