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Kingsley Ben-Adir Says Da’Vine Joy Randolph Was Set to Become the Lead of ‘High Fidelity’ Season 2

”Annoyingly, Season 2 was really gonna be a Cherise-focused season,“ Ben-Adir laments Hulu show’s cancellation to L.A. Times

Here’s yet another reason to be super bummed about Hulu’s “High Fidelity” cancellation: Kingsley Ben-Adir, who played Mac on the one-and-done show, told the L.A. Times that a second season was going to be “Cherise-focused,” with Da’Vine Joy Randolph becoming the series lead.

Ugh. That would have been really good — just like Season 1.

“Annoyingly, Season 2 was really gonna be a Cherise-focused season,” Ben-Adir said. “She was gonna become the lead of the show, and the story was leaning toward being about where she’d come from, her heartbreaks and her family background. And they stopped it just as that was about to happen.”

“But we move on,” he said.

Sadly, we must — unless Netflix is reading and wants to save the adaptation of the 2000 John Cusack movie. (Please?)

Like this TV editor, Ben-Adir will miss the experience — just from a more intimate angle.

“From a selfish point of view, I think it’s a shame because I had such a good time working with Zoë [Kravitz],” he told the L.A. Times. “From what I read when I first went for it, she elevated it and really brought it to life as an executive producer. She was involved in everything: the tweaks, the rewrites, the edit, the detail, the reshoots, the rock, all of that stuff, that’s all Zoë, a super-talented person in all areas of storytelling, doing her thing.”

“I also enjoyed building that relationship with Zoë so much,” Ben-Adir continued. “It’s a little bit heartbreaking because we were playing this Black couple onscreen but no one goes to jail, and no one’s brother or dad is in prison. We were just two Black people in love, and we never spoke about that fact. It’s important for all people to see Black people represented in a way where it’s just like, “We’re just normal, we just do regular things too.”

Read the entire wide-ranging interview with the busy Ben-Adir here.

Oh yeah, and #SaveHighFidelity.