Hilary Duff Returns to Music With ‘Chasing the Sun’ (Audio)

The song is Duff’s first single in six years

Hilary Duff is launching a music comeback with “Chasing the Sun,” the actress and singer’s first single in six years.

Unfortunately, it’s not nearly as catchy as Sheryl Crow‘s 2002 summer anthem, “Soak Up the Sun,” but still might make some good, easy listening for fans of Duff’s voice and the musical stylings of co-writer¬†Colbie Caillat.

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The last fans heard of Duff’s voice, she was singing “Reach Out,” a single she included on her 2008 greatest hits album.

There’s no music video yet, but the “Chasing the Sun” is available for your ears (above), while her fifth studio album should be available sometime this fall.