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7 Scathing Attacks on Hillary Clinton’s CNN Interview by Media, Opponents

”It would take three hours to unwind everything she said there and point out what’s just not true,“ Joe Scarborough says

Hillary Clinton finally spoke to the national media Tuesday, sitting down with CNN’s Briana Keilar to answer for everything from her lack of media accessibility to Donald Trump to her controversial email use.

Clinton was open in some areas while evasive in others, like not offering an answer on whether she’d raise taxes, or directly referring to her opponent Bernie Sanders, or answering which women she would put on the $10 bill.

The media wasn’t thrilled with the Democratic frontrunner’s answers. Here’s their take.

Joe Scarborough on Clinton’s email answer

“I’ve always said I liked Hillary, but it would take three hours to unwind everything she said there and point out what’s just not true. It’s not true everything she did was acceptable under regulations, it’s not true that she only had one device … it’s just not true.”

Chuck Todd on “defiant” Hillary

“She was more forthcoming in the press conference, showed a little bit of remorse in the press conference; very defiant, extra defiant on [the email] issue, on all those sort of characteristic issues, trust and the emails.”

Mike Barnicle on “Morning Joe” regarding Hillary vs. Bill

“She is fearful. Her eyes just seemed frightened at every word that she said. She’s weighing and measuring every word that she says … not a great moment yesterday.”

Rudy Giuliani on Clinton turning immigration debate into “partisan” issue by attacking Trump

“Her general statement on the Republican Party is untrue … I think [Trump] said it in reverse. What he should have said is that most people who come across the border come for economic reasons,” Giuliani said, agreeing with Trump that hidden with the good people crossing the border are rapists and murderers.

Washington Post on CNN’s “rusty” interview

“And Clinton seemed … a little bit rusty,” Amber Phillips wrote. “Maybe that comes with spending your waking hours surrounded by small groups of carefully screened supporters, inside dimly-lit rooms full of big-money donors who want to write you checks, and literally roping reporters off from it all to keep them at a safe distance.”

Slate’s complete transcript of Hillary’s “non-answers”

“Clinton’s team has repeatedly brushed off the media’s complaints about her stonewalling,” Josh Voorhees wrote. “Clinton’s first such performance, though, makes clear that there are no guarantees that such access will come with actual answers.”

Vox’s take on where Hillary stands — “Don’t Ask”

“The question wasn’t a hardball. But Clinton dodged like she’d been given Sophie’s choice,” Jonathan Allen wrote about her non-answer on which women she’d put on the $10 bill.

“But her hesitance to stake out a position on anything that might be remotely controversial feeds voters’ perception that she’s not honest and trustworthy. And why shouldn’t it?”