Jimmy Kimmel Finds People Who Hated Hillary Clinton’s Debate Performance – Before It Even Happened (Video)

“She was winging it, and not winging it well,” one pedestrian says hours before Clinton took the stage in Las Vegas

Jimmy Kimmel found lot of people who had very strong opinions about how Hillary Clinton did at the first Democratic debate on Tuesday night — hours before it happened.

The ABC late-night host sent a camera crew to the streets of Hollywood for his latest “Lie Witness News” segment, once again proving an alarming amount of people are happy to weigh in on a subject they couldn’t possibly know anything about.

“It felt mediocre at best,” said one young male pedestrian said of Clinton’s future debate performance. “She just seemed lost overall and it just didn’t seem she had her place or her feet underneath her … she seemed confused by what she was saying. My outlook as an audience member just seemed like she just didn’t know what she was doing.”

Another passerby agreed: “I had a feeling she was ill-prepared. She wasn’t brushed up on things, she stumbled a little bit.”

Stating that Clinton “lies about a lot of stuff,” the woman went on a tantrum about lying in general — possibly to hide the fact that she hadn’t actually watched the debate.

Watch the video.