Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump Debate Gets the Bad Lip Reading Treatment (Video)

Let it be known: The Donald wants a baby on fleek

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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off in the first presidential debate of the 2016 election last month, and now it’s time for the folks at Bad Lip Reading to put words in the candidates’ mouths.

In its latest spoof, the Bad Lip Reading crew treats the showdown as the game show it kind of was, with debate moderator Lester Holt serving as the host.

Segments on the faux game show include “I Can Do This,” which found Trump and Clinton displaying their singing skills, with Trump crooning, “Don’t want no big, fat ugly baby/I want a baby on fleek.”

During the “Five Favorites” round, we learn that Trump’s favorite actor is Will Shatner, his favorite baby bird sound is “cheep” and his favorite parasite is lice. (Which maybe helps explain that hairdo of his, somehow.)

Also, we’re treated to the sight of Trump interrogating a kiwi bird.

Feel like you didn’t quite get your entertainment value out of the actual debate? Try the Bad Lip Reading version on for size by watching the video.